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THE TILE BOUTIQUE FAMILY: Acting Local, Thinking Global

At Tile Boutique, family is everything.

Company directors, Gino and Mark Salomone, have been leading Western Australia in the retail tile industry for over 40 years with a rich history in supplying the very latest tile styles and trends.

Locally owned and operated, we take a ‘from one family to another’ approach; a family business dealing with other Western Australian families who simply desire Inspiration for Beautiful Spaces.

While we do have many competitors online, from interstate and overseas, none can offer the level of personalised, customised one- on-one experiences that a local showroom can offer.

The Tile Boutique ‘Experience’

To visit a Tile Boutique showroom is an experience in itself.

The materials that make up your home demand more than a generic retail display... they demand a dedicated showroom experience.

At your local Tile Boutique showroom, you will find the Inspiration for your own Beautiful Space with immersive displays showcasing the very latest in tile design and trends.

Inspired tiling has always been about craftsmanship throughout the ages – from ancient mosaics across Rome, Greece or Persia up until today, tiles are as much about art as they are functionality in living spaces.

Elaborate patterns and intricate textures cannot truly be represented in online photographs or in a brochure; they need to be touch, felt, and experienced at hand and in sight.

You can’t feel a pattern in an online can’t touch a texture in a brochure.

This can only be done in person in your community, in a purpose- built Tile Boutique showroom.

Locally owned... Globally connected

Each showroom is locally run so the chances are you know the person who runs the store, they love living local and serving local.

Boasting a network of 8 independent licensed dealers in Western Australia with decades of combined knowledge, we have the expertise to help you to make the best decisions to exceed desired outcomes.

Our Directors travel the world sourcing the very best tiles, developing close working relationships with the world’s most advanced manufacturers to present the greatest selection, latest designs and most up to date tile technologies.

That means we are at the very forefront of the tile design industry, with staff that lead local knowledge on the latest manufacturing techniques and tile trends from around the world.

This ensures our customers receive the best service, the best prices – and the best experience – possible.

Benefitting local communities From one family to another few argue against the benefits of buying from local businesses.

Apart from a more personalised service, keeping money circulating in the local economy creates local jobs and furthers infrastructure, community development and vitality.

In turn local business can support their own communities through local sponsorships, financial commitments and donations to local organisations and events.

When a business is locally owned and operated, they know their local market, its characteristics and nuances in far more detail than a large chain that is run from a head office interstate or overseas.

They know their clients and customers and understand their lifestyles and desires, their wants and needs.

And buying local can even have environmental benefits, reducing carbon footprints associated with shipping and transportation!

Be inspired...experience the Tile Boutique family today!

Your local Tile boutique is where your lifestyle meets our design.

With a wealth of knowledge and expertise we provide Inspiration for Beautiful Spaces with a vested interest in local families and the local community – and a level of personalised service that cannot be matched from online shopping or national and global retail chains.

Our story has evolved over the decades, with many WA families etched in its history alongside ours – something we are both humbled by and draw immense pride from.

And we look forward to continuing our story into the future in WA, bringing the latest in global tile trends and technology to the heart of each and every community that our local showrooms service.