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Touch Feel Experience
Touch Feel Experience

The modern home has become more than a place to rest and recharge; more than a simple dwelling born of necessity.

It has become an expression of style to elicit mood and feeling; it has become something to be experienced – not unlike traditional artworks of sculpture and image.

From furniture and fixtures through to cabinetry and adornments everything is on constant display to you, your family and your guests to look, touch, feel.

And while these can all be changed or altered with relative ease as desires shift over time, some aspects of the home demand more careful consideration when investing in the future ambience.

Floor and wall coverings cannot be changed on a whim without major impacts upon liveability – and the family budget.

With more permanent aspects of home design and dressing, other characteristics must be carefully considered too.

While traditional artworks are usually viewed only from a distance, the materials that make up your home utilise all the senses – sight and sound and touch and feel.

Materials, textures and colours can all have great effect on light levels, sound acoustics and even ambient temperatures.

It’s not simply all about a look; it’s about a feel, about an experience as the sum of all relevant constituents.

Touch Feel Experience

When it comes to tiles, they demand not only considered evaluation under conditions that closely mimic their intended destination, but also the decades of experience and the wealth of knowledge that come from a professional tile expert.

The materials that make up your home demand more than a generic retail display … they demand a dedicated showroom experience.

Inspired tiling has always been about craftsmanship throughout the ages – from ancient mosaics across Rome, Greece or Persia up until today, tiles are as much about art as they are functionality in living spaces.

Elaborate pattern designs and intricate textures cannot truly be represented in online photographs or in a brochure; they need to be touch, felt, and experienced at hand and in sight.

You can’t feel a pattern in an online photograph ... you can’t touch a texture in a brochure.

This can only be done in person ... and in a purpose-built showroom.

And despite best intent, an online summary or any other marketing literature cannot accurately answer detailed questions and nuances of form, function and style that each individual customer inherently brings with them in their desire for a perfectly tailored tiling solution.

Just as the artisans of the ancient world strived to create unique experiences in their craft, expert Interior Designers at Tile Boutique are there to assist you to create living art – that is art for life – in your own home.

Up to date with the latest in trends and technology, the staff at Tile Boutique can offer clear direction and measured opinion with decades of combined experience.

And with a network of 24 independent licensed dealers across Australia, Tile Boutique presents the greatest selection of premium tile products from all over the world.

Sensory perceptions and real world experiences cannot really be approximated without an inperson presence.

Retail spaces cannot really illustrate home furnishings and adornments in situ without purpose-built design and layout.

When it comes to long lasting decisions about how your home looks and feels, talk to an expert ... and experience a Tile Boutique showroom today.